WQXR’s Graham Parker in Hudson Heights

By Joanne Kaufman, New York Times

WQXR’s Graham Parker

WQXR’s Graham Parker

A nice big foyer separates the entryway from the sunken living room in Graham Parker’s Hudson Heights apartment.

It turns out there are all sorts of uses for that wide-open space. Mr. Parker, the general manager of the classical music public radio station WQXR, and his psychologist husband, Adam Benson, can expound on the topic with great verve and authority.

The foyer is used as an extension of the dining room on Thanksgiving, Jewish holidays and other occasions, and it’s the site of fiercely contested chess games between the couple’s adopted children, Max, 8, and Georgie, 6. It’s where Max demonstrates Brazilian martial arts moves like flips and cartwheels, and where the very flexible Georgie shows off her yoga poses. The foyer has also worked admirably as a stage for the children’s plays and musicales. That’s Max on drums and Georgie on keyboards.

“I’m very proud of the kitchen,” Mr. Parker said, which was recently remodeled.

“The stair is a big thing,” said the London-born Mr. Parker, 46, standing on the step leading to the living room. “The grown-ups are down there and the kids are up here. And the archway is the proscenium arch.”

It was Mr. Benson who introduced Mr. Parker to Hudson Heights or, as he refers to it, upstate New York City. “It’s quiet, it’s familial and neighborhood-y,” said Mr. Parker, who married his longtime partner in 2007. “I’ve worked in the nonprofit space my whole career, and it was nice to realize I could afford to buy an apartment up here.” Subsequently, the couple bought an apartment where they lived for a decade.

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