NKBA Insider Elle H-Millard Wins Competition for the Skilled Labor Fund

By Dianne M. Pogoda

The Skilled Labor Fund’s coffers grew a little richer in September as NKBA’s own editor at large and Insider Elle H-Millard, CKD, participated in a design competition on behalf of SLF— and she won!

The grand prize of $3,000 was donated to SLF. Competition partners and sponsors included Wood-Mode, NKBA’s Manhattan chapter, Sub-Zero/Wolf/Cove, HG Stones, Rohl, Häfele, TileBar and Amerock.

Leeann Lavin and Toni Sabatino present Finishing Touches at What’s New What’s Next

"What's New, What's Next" Apex and Epilogue from NY Design Center's InHouse Finishing Touches Cocktail Party

By Leeann Lavin

We are Co-Presenters at What’s New, What’s Next! InHouse showroom at NY Design Center: Interior Designer Toni Sabatino (L) & me, Finishing Touches author, Leeann Lavin

Thank you for attending this year’s ninth annual What’s New, What’s Next!

And for spending your cocktail time with me, Toni, the InHouse Kitchen, Bath, Home team: Dave Burcher, Mary Erker, and Leah Gold; and Wood-Mode’s Jim - and John.

In House hosts pet-centered design event with the Manhattan chapter of NKBA

”Design Unleashed’ Spotlights Pet Design

By Kitchen & Bath Design News

New York, NY — Staying on top of up-and-coming design trends is critical for any kitchen and bath design professional. But when you’re not only a top designer, but also in charge of programming for the National Kitchen & Bath Association’s busy Manhattan chapter, you need to know what’s coming down the pike, trends wise – and you also need to be able to package it in a way that will get designers excited.

Kitchen designed by In House included in the New York Times tour of Graham Parker’s NYC apartment

WQXR’s Graham Parker in Hudson Heights

By Joanne Kaufman, New York Times

A nice big foyer separates the entryway from the sunken living room in Graham Parker’s Hudson Heights apartment.

It turns out there are all sorts of uses for that wide-open space. Mr. Parker, the general manager of the classical music public radio station WQXR, and his psychologist husband, Adam Benson, can expound on the topic with great verve and authority.

“I’m very proud of the kitchen,” Mr. Parker said, which was recently remodeled.